Get to know ALCOSAN by the numbers

One of the ways to assess ALCOSAN’s impact on the region is by the numbers.

The most significant one is 250 million. That’s because our treatment plant processes up to 250 million gallons of wastewater every day. That’s enough water to fill 5 million bathtubs. And even that capacity is not enough to meet the region’s needs on rainy days or when there’s heavy snow melt. As a result, untreated wastewater overflows into rivers and streams.

ALCOSAN is addressing the problem in several ways, first and foremost by increasing the amount of wastewater that our North Side plant can treat. In the next decade, the 250 million gallon capacity will increase to 480 million gallons per day, and then eventually to 600 million.

This is just one number that demonstrates ALCOSAN’s impact on the community. Here are a few more numbers to help tell ALCOSAN’s story.

These numbers are significant, but there is a more important one that’s not in the graphic. That number is one. You, the individual who is served by ALCOSAN. Our mission is to provide you with cost-effective wastewater treatment service that ensures your health, the health of the whole region, the health of our environment and the health of our local economy.

Arletta Scott Williams

Arletta Scott Williams
ALCOSAN Executive Director

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