Get in on the fun with ALCOSAN’s Summer Sweepstakes

Summer is a time for fun, and ALCOSAN’s Three Rivers Proud campaign has a piece of the action.

On Monday, June 25, our Summer Sweepstakes prize giveaway starts. For 12 consecutive weeks, a winner will be selected on Mondays from the entries submitted during the previous week. The first prize drawing will occur on July 2.

You can become eligible to win prizes by participating in a few simple activities. For week one, go to the home page at and watch a video about ALCOSAN. After several minutes, you will be prompted to enter the contest.

In the coming weeks, activities on the website will include learning about ways the region can manage combined sewer overflows, promising to properly dispose of pet waste so it doesn’t wind up in rivers and streams, and registering for ALCOSAN’s free, award-winning Open House, the region’s largest environmental festival.

I’m happy to provide so many ways for the public to learn more about the important work that we perform at ALCOSAN.

I hope you will come back each week, complete the activity and become eligible to win. Watch for results on, at and on ALCOSAN’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Good luck and enjoy the summer and the ALCOSAN 3 Rivers Proud Summer Sweepstakes.

Arletta Scott Williams

Arletta Scott Williams
ALCOSAN Executive Director

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