A message from Executive Director Arletta Scott Williams

PUPS for Clean Water

PUPS for Clean Water is a program of ALCOSAN’s Communications Division. What do our pets have to do with ALCOSAN and its job of treating as much as 250 million gallons of wastewater every day and returning that clean water to the Ohio River? It turns out, there are a lot of people out there … Continued

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Funding the Clean Water Plan

One of the most difficult problems ALCOSAN faces is how to fund the Clean Water Plan. Despite the requirements in federal and state laws to undertake the plan on behalf of our customers in 83 municipalities, there is little funding coming from governmental entities. That means that the plan must be paid for by the … Continued

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GROW-ing our Region

ALCOSAN is committed to helping the region GROW. When I say “grow” at ALCOSAN, I’m not just referring to the economic growth and the growth of recreational opportunities that are dependent on the clean water produced at the wastewater treatment plant. I’m talking about GROW, the Green Revitalization of Waterways program. ALCOSAN’s Board of Directors … Continued

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Behind the fence at ALCOSAN

Other than the individuals who visit ALCOSAN during our annual Open House or on group tours, the vast majority of the residents of the service area never set foot inside our wastewater treatment plant. That’s why I’d like to describe some of the work that has been going on behind our fence, work that will … Continued

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Thanks for visiting ALCOSAN

ALCOSAN’s 15th annual Open House was a huge success, and I must admit that this no longer surprises me. Each year, hundreds of my employees volunteer to staff the event. They’re joined by other volunteers from many of the organizations and businesses that work with us all year. Together, this meant nearly 500 people were … Continued

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Join me at our Open House

Crystal is the symbol of a 15th anniversary, and it is fitting that ALCOSAN is holding its 15th annual Open House as we embark on a vigorous project to make our rivers crystal clear for generations to come. I am looking forward to welcoming guests to ALCOSAN on Saturday, September 16, for a day of … Continued

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How we got here

The story of Allegheny County’s wastewater treatment challenge, like similar situations in many older American cities, started hundreds of years ago. Before the completion of ALCOSAN’s interceptor sewer system and treatment plant in 1959, raw sewage and industrial waste flowed directly into district waterways. The thinking at the time was that dilution was the solution. … Continued

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Here at the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority, we serve residential and industrial users in 83 municipalities, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, making sure that the wastewater leaving your homes and businesses is cleaned before it is returned to the region’s waterways. We’ve done some research, and what we learned is that we … Continued

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